the island

Bleached shorelines, pristine freedom.

Our love of the island with years of exploring have led us to distinguish the freshest seafood, tastiest tzatziki and the best sunset views.  Our neighbours at the local tavern with friendly staff are within easy reach and can provide delicious local food.

Lovely neighbourhood and local food
A path
All journeys have secret destinations
of which the traveler is unaware.

Naxos was farmed heavily for several generations, but its water supply year-round has ensured its independence and strategic strength throughout its history. Most people living here year-round are not solely dependent on tourism. Apart from its fertile valleys and many sights, its 23 km long sandy beach from the capital in the north to Alyko, the nature reserve in the south, is probably one of its most remarkable features.

a man riding a horse
An old lady in the fields
some goats

Located 25 minutes by plane from Athens and is the Cyclades’ largest island. Modern Ferries bring you from Athens (3,5 h) or Mykonos (1,5 h) several times per day to this beautiful jewel. The more you explore, the more you will fall in love with the island and its friendly residents.

the town
As you set out on your travel, we hope your path is long…
a woman walking bare foot
a church
a man fishing
an old lady with a broom
the naxos airport
For many years we have unofficially given this dinky airport an award for fastest handling and quickest way to the plane
a plane